“We have talented people. We have a good event. When you come to it (En Fuego) you actually have as good a time here, if not better, than you would if you went to something that the world presented. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like it. It’s free, and the only way it can be free is if people, who God has blessed and gifted, step up and say ‘we’ll make it happen, y’all just come’.”
Rick Burgess
The Rick and Bubba Show

“The testimony of what takes place on this (En Fuego) property year after year is significant to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Parents, when you are looking around to try to connect your children with something that’s going to fuel the God in them, music and ministry merges at En Fuego and you don’t want your kid to miss out. Hundreds and hundreds of people flooded to the altar area to get their lives right with God and you can’t put a price tag on that. So, when you’re thinking about whether or not you’re going to make a connection and become a sponsor, you’re not spending money when you put it in En Fuego, you’re making an eternal investment and there will be a large return.”
Tony Nolan
Youth Evangelist

“I had no idea how amazing it was going to be until we pulled up and saw all of the people out there. I honestly think I said it about fifteen times ‘I can’t believe how many people are here’.”;
John Cooper

“Upon pulling up to the festival last year (En Fuego 2006), I was blown away that there, in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, Alabama, was a massive crowd of exuberant fans. What was most exciting is that I knew immediately these were folks who were ready to rock! En Fuego really seemed to have a balanced focus where it wasn’t only about good speakers and teachers with a little music on the side but rather, a full rock show with a great message and purpose. All of us in Third Day felt the energy and excitement from the crowd and it made for a very memorable night! ”
David Carr
Third Day

“Unbridled passion for a holy God, intimate worship of the Father, challenging scriptural truth, the arts displayed for the glory of the Lord, calls to ministry, repentance, lives changed by the gospel of Christ forever…………..you’ve just described En Fuego!”
Travis Crim
Founder of En Fuego

“A heart for God and a Desire to Worship Our Lord, that’s what I found at En Fuego. They even made a contribution to my Church to help support an Area Wide Crusade. If you’re reading this, then you’re looking for an event. You Found It…”
Shawn Bright

We had a great time at En Fuego and several of my kids in the youth group were changed. We had a great time passing out over two hundred posters before the event. Next year count us in again for the posters and we also will attend.
Sandy Lawrence,
Homewood, AL

We brought 13 youth and 6 adult and two children. We had a good time. We have a “young” group so this was a first for us all and it was a very good first impression. I think the atmosphere was awesome, non-threatening to unchurched people and the musical groups and speakers were primo! Our kids wanna go again.
Lawrence L. White

En Fuego was truly an awesome experience! Our students were touched and challenged by the music and the speakers. Kudos to Mike and David for not being afraid to bring out the wood! Thanks a million for your efforts to put a great day together.
Jeremy Dickey
Student Minister
Montgomery, AL

We enjoyed En Fuego in a GREAT way! Thanks for all you do…
Larry Jenkins
First Baptist Church, Prattville, AL

Wow!!! Saturday was great. We carried 22 kids, got there at 2pm and loved every minute. Praise God for the 80 salvations. One of the kids that went with us prayed to receive Christ (81). Anyway we can help next year, just let us know. Good Lord willing, we will be back.
In His Name
Richie Ashburn
Phenix City, AL

We brought a group of 26 to En Fuego last weekend. It was the first time for several of our younger youth. They all had a great time!!!! We plan to ask our church at the next business meeting to make a donation to En Fuego. You are doing a great job with En Fuego – It gets better each year.
In His Hands,
Jan Hardin
Autaugaville, AL

Hey, just wanted to let you know that we all thought En Fuego was great. It was our first time going but it definitely will not be our last. As we were walking to our van after it was over the youth were asking if they could please come back next year. When kids want to return before you’ve even left, I would say that indicates a success. Anyway, thanks for putting it all together and keep up the good work.
Thanks & God Bless
Michael Luther

“En Fuego has been the most influential youth event in my life. It changed my life in two different ways. First, I was called into the ministry and secondly, for the past couple of years I have helped with planning the event and have been blessed beyond measure. Being involved with youth for the past four years, we have gone to many events. If there was only one event I could go to, it would be En Fuego. The ministry and spirit of En Fuego is almost unexplainable but anyone who attends will be blessed.”
Brian Jones
Clanton, AL

We have had numerous conversations about how much fun it was and how different the people were than at secular events and it was a great family outing for us and so powerful. I can’t say enough good things about it. Actually, I had already mentioned it to a friend about how I was disappointed that our youth from our church did not go and that we really need to promote it as a church wide outing for next year and maybe have a tent set up like some groups did. I can’t say enough good things about it. I think the concept of no admission is a great way to bring a friend that may be lost and it also made it possible for us to do something that would be cost prohibitive with four kids.

I would really like to promote this at our church, Pleasant Hill UMC. I would appreciate any kind of information you could send on that. Maybe we could do a fundraiser or something. I definitely want to make sure we promote it at our church and get a group of people to go next year. I can’t say enough good things. I thought it was very well done and well planned with awesome people that were in the lineup. Thanks so much.
Peace and Grace,
Stephanie Huffman

Just wanted to let you know how great I think En Fuego was (probably the best yet!). Although I was working, I received blessings from the people I came in contact with and I am still hearing good things. I have had the opportunity to hear from some of my students at Clanton Middle about their thoughts. I have, of course, heard how much fun they had and how great it was to have “big names” in our area…but the impact of how pumped and excited it has made them has been the greatest. Through this event, I know several who had the opportunity to witness to their friends…many by actually bringing them and others by telling them what happened or explaining a t-shirt, etc….. I know that God is using this event each year to bring Christians into corporate worship, discipleship, and inspiration; as well as, enticing those who believe they “don’t need that God stuff” into a new and saving relationship with our Savior. Please know that although the work is tough and grueling, the hours are long and hot….GOD IS WORKING! Thank you for your passion toward this event and our community. I will continue to pray that this ministry will reach our students in a way they understand and relate. I am always willing and available for any area of service, please let me know how I can help.
Serving our Savior together,
Kalee Culpepper, Jemison, AL